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  • We got a new puppy!

    We got a new puppy 🐶. The girls are going to be happy when they come home 😍


  • What an awesome, happy and fun place! You have to smile while playing with puppies. :-)

    I found the perfect Goldendoodle at PuppiesPlus. She is beautiful, energetic, friendly and unafraid. Her first vet appointment went great. She is in perfect health. I recommend PuppiesPlus.


  • Dream Dog

    Went to Reno for some ribs, came back with our dream dog. It was meant to be. We love her!


  • puppies plus

    The best petstore in Reno! We got Gary and then we got Sam. They are inseparable and they go with us wherever we go. Thank you Pets Plus.


  • Good Dogs!

    Good selection of dogs. They let me put my dog on a layaway plan because I couldn't take him for a few weeks. So far Drew is very well behaved and learning quickly, he has a very good temperament.

    Jonathan S.